For qualified journalists, Oksa provides a revolutionary channel to offer their services to publishers all over the world. For media houses, it redefines global coverage.

Good journalism begins with being at the right place at the right time. Typically, this is not something you can exactly plan. When something worth prompt reporting takes place, time is, indeed, money. Media houses need to know what kind of professionals they can find close to the scene, and what kind of material those pros can provide.

With Oksa, you can become one of those professionals.

Upon joining you will be able to download the Oksa application into your mobile phone. With the application, you can make your presence and experience known to publishers and media houses. When news happens, the media customers can use Oksa to discover a reporter or photographer that is already close to the scene. They can also view the experiences and portfolio to decide the right person for this particular task―and contact him or her for briefing, quotes and any further discussion. Soon as everything is settled, the work can begin. All this uses up considerably less valuable time than sending an own reporter and photographer to cover the story.

Oksa is a service that connects journalists and photographers with publishers and media houses. Now, you can be one of the first members and offer your services worldwide.